With over 29 years of experience we have found certain common questions come up. Feel free to review below and reach out with any of your own custom home project questions.

This is a challenging question to answer without knowing certain things. To arrive at an exact price we need a complete set of plans including engineering, specifications and site plan. At times a client may only have a study copy or a picture from a magazine. If that is the only information available we can give you an approximate cost range with some basic information i.e. square footage, type of foundation, siding, flooring, counter tops, etc. This estimate might be useful for budgeting before committing to one set of plans or another. Complete plans and specifications are a must to arrive at an exact price. We are glad to consult with the client during the planning process this can help keep the project in budget.

There are literally thousands of plans available locally and thru websites. Most stock plans for purchase will need the engineering done locally. The cost for the engineering is around $1,000.00 and $1,500.00. If you choose to have a plan drawn you can use an Architect or a Draftsman. Prices for these services vary depending on education, experience and skill.

Of course your financial information. In addition, one complete set of plans, specifications, site plan, breakdown of cost from the builder and a copy of the contract with the builder. They will also need your lot information if you are purchasing the lot or already own it.

Payments are made according to progress. The bank will inspect the project and disburse based on work completed. If there is no bank financing and the client is disbursing funds, a disbursement agreement will be part of the contract.

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Energy efficiency has become a primary focus for a few reasons. The obvious, homeowner comfort and economy. Also the focus by Government on energy efficiency. Requirements for energy conservation have continued to expand i.e. more insulation, a tighter envelope, tighter ducts, better windows, and more efficient lighting are now the standard. Duct testing, blower-door test, are now required. Open and closed cell foam insulation is a great way to improve on the homes energy efficiency.

A fixed price contract sets the price of the home’s construction with the only variables being change orders and allowance expenditures. Overage or underage of cost during construction do not affect the contract amount.
A cost plus contract is exactly that, the cost of construction plus a fee or percentage of that cost. The risk of cost overruns are the client and not the builder. In return for this reduction in risk the builder may accepts a lower fee/ percentage. Normally in a cost plus contract the builder provides the client his cost estimate upfront and then keeps an accurate accounting of all money spent for the client’s review.
A Construction Management Contract sets a fee or percentage the builder will receive and the client pays the bills. This also typically carries a smaller fee for the builder.

A change order is a written statement authorizing an addition or deviation from the contracted plans and or specifications. The change order will be signed by both parties. The percentage mark up in cost is predetermined in the contract.

The length of time to construct is stated in the contract. It can be extended by Acts of God i.e. Hurricanes, floods etc. Chance orders can also effect the length of time for construction. Our goal is to complete the project well before the contracted completion date.

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