Here is a sample of some of our most recent projects


Here are some exterior examples

  • 112 W. Hudson exterior-1
  • 3240-Pignatelli-exterior-4
  • 3240-Pignatelli-exterior-2
  • 3240-Pignatelli-porch
  • 3240-Pignatelli-exterior-entry
  • 3240-Pignatelli-exterior-3
  • 3240-Pignatelli-exterior
  • 2924-Yachtsman-porch
  • 2924-Yachtsman-exterior
  • 2924-Yachtsman-exterior-door
  • updated-house-pic
  • 2523-Royal-Oak-exterior-2
  • 2523-Royal-Oak-stairway
  • 2523-Royal-Oak-porch
  • 2523-Royal-Oak-porch-2
  • 1473-Appling-exterior
  • 1308-Langford-exterior
  • 321-Bennett-exterior
  • 321-Bennett-patio
  • updated-pool-pic

We had the pleasure of working with Pete when we built our house on Folly Beach, long-distance from Richmond, VA. We quickly discovered that Pete was not only an amazing and experienced builder, but also a true Southern gentleman. He was a good listener, paid attention to detail, and made observant suggestions along the way. We weren’t sure how easy it would be to build a house long-distance, but Pete sent pictures during each phase, responded immediately to any questions, and made sure the entire construction process went smoothly. Pete was resourceful, trustworthy, and followed through with promises. The house he built for us is simply beautiful, solidly built, and exactly what we envisioned. Southern Homes of Charleston far exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend Pete for his knowledge and expertise, and his gracious, easy going, and professional manner.Bill and Jennifer Taylor


Here are some interior examples

  • 2924-Yachtsman-tub
  • 2924-Yachtsman-mantle
  • 2924-Yachtsman-kitchen-2
  • 2924-Yachtsman-kitchen-1
  • 2924-Yachtsman-interior
  • 2924-Yachtsman-dining-room
  • 2924-Yachtsman-built-in
  • 2924-Yachtsman-bedroom
  • 2523-Royal-Oak-kitchen-2
  • 2523-Royal-Oak-interior
  • 2523-Royal-Oak-dining-room
  • 2523-Royal-Oak-bedroom-2
  • 2523-Royal-Oak-bedroom-1
  • 2523-Royal-Oak-living-room
  • 2523-Royal-Oak-kitchen
  • 2523-Royal-Oak-kitchen-3
  • 1473-Appling-split-interior-2
  • 1473-Appling-split-interior-1
  • 1473-Appling-kitchen
  • 1308-Langford-stairs
  • 1308-Langford-living-room
  • 1308-Langford-fireplace
  • 321-Bennett-sitting-room
  • 321-Bennett-living-room
  • 321-Bennett-entry
  • 321-Bennett-dining-room
  • 321-Bennett-bedroom
  • 112 W. Hudson living-room-1
  • 112 W. Huson bedroom-1
  • 112 W. Hudson office-1
  • 112 W. Hudson kitchen-1
  • 112 W. Hudson closet-1

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